Batu Karas Beach from Sunrise Resort


Batu Karas Point - Sunrise Resort Accomodation
B a t u   K a r a s  P o i n t

The Reef - Sunrise Resort Accomodation Batu Karas
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Batu Karas Point - Sunrise Resort Accomodation
B a t u  K a r a s  P o i n t




Surfing at Batu Karas

Surfing at Batu Karas is fun.

Sunrise resort is ideally situated between the point break and reef break both just a short 5 minute walk. Learn to Surf classes and board hire can be organised for you or for the more experienced surfers, waves at the reef, Pangandaran and Pameungpeuk provide more challenging surf.


Batu Karas point is a classic Right hand point break that winds off for up to 300 metres. The further around the point you go the more hollow and faster the wave becomes. On the inside section the wave can be easily picked up and worked all the way through to the next point around 200 metres away. The nature of the wave at Batu Karas makes learning to surf as easy as it can be, and the local surf school will have you riding waves in no time. The break works from .5 metre to 3 metres and is at its best on outgoing tide. Batu Karas point is a classic Malibu wave.

THE REEF at Batu Karas

The reef is a right hand wave that breaks for around 150 metres with long workable sections that speed up as you get closer to the beach. Best on an incoming tide and handles swell from 1 m to 3 m.

For the adventurous surfer there are many other surf locations heading up the coast between Batu Karas and Pameungpeuk. Most of these surf spots are reef or point breaks and generally pick up more swell than Batu karas. Also heading towards Cilicap from Batu Karas there are many other surf breaks. These vary in quality from basic beach breaks , to more challenging reef and point breaks. Whatever your choice of adventure we can assist you with transport, surf guides and overnight accommodation.

Prior to your departure please ensure that swell size, direction and wind conditions are suitable for the area of your intended destination. Some of these semi remote locations are only suitable for intermediate to very experienced surfers. When the swell is big some of these surf breaks are powerful, hollow and fast. You will need to bring the appropriate equipment to ensure your safety and enjoyment.